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My scholarship - make that my life - involves ethnography and teaching in Colombia, Spain, England, Finland, and the Midwestern US. I eavesdrop and ask nosy questions about how people do friendship, marriage, workplace relationships, and how they try to get others to do what they want them to do.  And then I write about it all.  It's quite the gig, and the goal of this website is to bring this work into fuller conversation with people outside my usual circles. I will explore all of these questions, and more! in scholarship, creative writing, and my blog, and will welcome thoughtful input from likeminded others.

Transcribing Silence

Silence is the most powerful form of communication humans command. It can praise, condemn, sunder and bring together, make sense and confuse, in forms as short as microseconds and as long as decades. Transcribing Silence is a book I wrote about the power of silences people encounter as children and parents, at home and at work, as romantic partners and friends, as they make sense of life both within and across cultures.


My writing revolves around observations and interpretations of culture, relationships, and communication in public and private life.

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Scholarly Writing

I will provide links to articles, chapters, conference papers and presentations.

Creative Writing

The stories never end. Some of the most recent ones will be posted here.

A spice market over 300 years old in Istanbul. Notice “love tea” is front and center.


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